Multi-Factor Authentication

Why Multi-Factor Authentication matters?

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Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA, improves security, reducing the risk of cyber attacks, phishing success, and even unauthorized access to sensitive data within your business. MFA also blocks against a tactic known as “credential stuffing,” where hackers use programs and codes to push through credentials in attempts to hack systems. MFA blocks access by requiring next-level access authentication.

With 85% of cyber breaches due to a human element, such as phishing, reused passwords and email addresses (as most of the authentication solutions still ask for your email address as username), adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become a priority for companies and SaaS services alike.

Multi-factor authentication is the process of adding additional identification factors to verify a user's identity before approving access to systems, networks, programs, and services. IT teams and administrators can set authentication protocols and policies that increase security while streamlining the user experience, adding to improved productivity and efficiencies.

With MFA, you select the requirements for authentication and what level of security you need for your users, customized to your business. Then, you also choose what access the users have, protecting productivity and data alike.

With combinations of usernames and passwords being compromised in the last years, and out on the web for sale, many users - your customers - are at risk. Yes, you can ask them to change the password, but often the username is the email address. Adding multiple factors is the best way to add the additional security layer(s) for your customers' trust.

Key element is to evaluate when to ask for the additional factors. You can ask for it at login, the front door, but is this the welcome you envision? Depending on your application, a step up authentication can also be a valid step. Take retail as an example: let users enjoy your service first and ask for authentication when more sensible data is needed (upon checkout maybe). Keyword here is how you envision the lowest probable user friction in your customer's journey.

What does Quasr do for you?

From day one, our platform has been developed with a clear vision to have multiple factors baked in. As Quasr, we encourage our customers to make use of MFA, at their convenience, at whatever step in the customer journey. With our API-first platform, your developer can easily add this additional layer where you believe it's relevant.

Quasr has many factors out-of-the-box available for you. And if you want to add others, you can do too.

Try Quasr for free. No credit card required. As stated hereinabove, Quasr takes security seriously and encourages you to provide as many factors as you want or need, without charging you additionally. It's the core of our DNA, so it’s also part of your plan.

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Quasr is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company in the cybersecurity space, in particular in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM).

Quasr allows developers to add authentication and privacy capabilities to their applications without having to be security experts, while offering the best user experience (UX) to their end customers.

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