Flexible Authentication

Log in using one-time or traditional passwords, or log in using Google, Facebook, Apple, Linkedin or GitHub. Quasr provides a wide range of authentication factors and allows having multiple IDs and passwords attached to your account. Through the security scoring you can control access to you resources in line with your own security model. When authenticating you can choose any factors in any order you prefer, supporting multi-factor and step-up authentication with its scoring design.

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Identity as a Service

User-Centric Privacy

Authentication without personal data is a key design decision - allowing it to stay within your desired container and not to be scattered/mixed with authentication. This provides a solid foundation for a privacy-friendly ecosystem where personal data can also be provided through decentralized instead of traditional centralized solutions. Additionally consent management is built-in and not as an afterthought but as a vital part of any login. A European platform hosted in Germany.

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Modern Development

Integrations are key for any identity platform and developers are at the forefront where applications and data interact with your users. Our plaftorm is built for all developers with its API-first approach, meaning everything - and we really mean everything - can be done through the APIs and automated, supporting a DevOps culture. Additionally the platform can be extended using event-driven webhooks or code. We provide an open multi-tenancy model meaning you can spin up and connect tenants as needed, supporting large business-to-bussines (B2B) setups, such as SaaS applications.

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Developer- and API-First

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About Quasr

Quasr is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company in the cybersecurity space, in particular in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM).

Quasr allows developers to add authentication and privacy capabilities to their applications without having to be security experts, while offering the best user experience (UX) to their end customers.

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