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Passwordless Authentication, Social Logins and MFA for Your Apps

Regardless of the programming languages you are using, Quasr provides the right APIs and Quickstarts to get you started.
Implement Passwordless Authentication, Social Logins, Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) in your Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, PHP, iOS applications.
Programming Languages

Quasr: OAuth2 Authorization Server and Identity Broker Towards Upstream IDPs

Quasr is based on OAuth2 and OpenID Connect standards, supporting Authorization Code Grant, PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange), Client Credentials Grant, JWT Bearer Grant Type.

    import NextAuth from 'next-auth';

  export default NextAuth({
    providers: [
        id: "quasr",
        name: "quasr",
        type: "oauth",
        version: "2.0",
        scope: "openid",
        params: { grant_type: "authorization_code" },
        authorizationParams: {
          grant_type: "authorization_code",
          response_type: "code",
        accessTokenUrl: "",
        authorizationUrl: "",
        profileUrl: "",
        protection: "pkce",
        async profile(profile: any, tokens) {
          return {
            id: profile.sub
        clientId: "YOUR_QUASR_CLIENT_ID"

Full Control Over Login Page & Flexible Multi-Factor-Authentication Orchestration

Quasr offers an Authentication API that allows for full control over your login page, so you can build it according to your individual corporate identity guidelines.
Login UI
  var axios = require('axios');

  var config = {
    method: 'get',
    url: '',
    headers: { Authorization: 'Bearer YOUR_SESSION_TOKEN' }

  .then(function (response) {
  .catch(function (error) {

  // ==== Sample Response ====

    "score": 2,
    "subtype": "password",
    "id": "17922c08-4b4f-4e4f-be32-2e00dcc96cad",
    "label": "Password",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "oauth2:github",
    "id": "6af25219-d357-4eca-8203-b561b71643ae",
    "label": "Github",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "secret",
    "id": "6aab357c-4611-440e-abd9-7376d64d326a",
    "label": "Secret",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "oauth2:apple",
    "id": "ea0196e8-dc7b-459a-9e45-79732c44a7f3",
    "label": "Apple ID",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "oauth2:google",
    "id": "9b88c805-e108-4362-9983-9724fc838431",
    "label": "Google",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 3,
    "subtype": "totp",
    "id": "eff968b0-5974-4870-b68c-d41747989c12",
    "label": "Authenticator App",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "oauth2:linkedin",
    "id": "8717be65-5a15-46e9-9436-8814355f5c53",
    "label": "LinkedIn",
    "type": "enrollment"
  }, {
    "score": 5,
    "subtype": "oauth2:facebook",
    "id": "7873f1e3-b369-438a-9df1-d2ce7db4f045",
    "label": "Facebook",
    "type": "enrollment"


Try out Quasr now - it's free to start - no credit card required.

About Quasr

Quasr is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company in the cybersecurity space, in particular in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM).

Quasr allows developers to add authentication and privacy capabilities to their applications without having to be security experts, while offering the best user experience (UX) to their end customers.

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